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Oldham Tennis League
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Inclement weather: Captains need to be aware of an addition to Rule 5a, which says "If courts are unfit for play and/or forecast rain makes play unlikely, the home captain should aim to contact the away captain before 5.45pm, to prevent unnecessary travel".
Alkrington clubhouse refurbishment: The Alkrington club apologises that its ability to offer away teams any refreshments will be hampered, due to the clubhouse refurb, which will not be completed until the beginning of May.
Frequently Asked Questions


Swapping venues
Q Can we swap venues, especially early in the season, when days are shorter, or if we have a problem with court availability?
A Yes – no problem, so long as both captains agree, you also swap the reverse fixture and let the Match Secretary know.

Rearranging matches
Q I am struggling for courts for a rearranged match. Can we go beyond 31st August?
A No - rule 2e is very clear. Any match not played by 31st August will be declared null and void.

Q Our match was originally scheduled after 7th June, but was postponed. Do I still have to offer 3 dates within 28 days of the fixture?
A Yes – rule 2h merely limits how many times the match can be rearranged. Rule 2fi still applies to offering dates.

Q Some of my key players are on holiday now, so can I go beyond 28 days for rearranging the match?
A No. Rule 2fi says nothing about being able to field the same strength side. The 28 day limit always applies.

Eligible players
Q Can a player play for 2 of our teams in the same week?
A Yes. However, the usual rules (3b and 3d) about eligibility will apply to a player, who has played for a higher team.

Q Can I register a new player late in the season?
A Yes – but you need to be aware of rule 3c, which sets a deadline for registration.

Wet weather
Q Who decides whether the courts are fit to play?
A Rule 5a clearly states that the two captains are the sole judges of whether the courts are fit to play.

Bonus points
Q I am hopeless at maths. Can you explain the new bonus point arrangements?
A Rule 8a gives the losing team one bonus point, if it wins a third, or more, of the sets completed. The table below may be helpful.

Total sets completed in the match Sets to be won by losing team, to gain bonus point
13 or 14 5
10 to 12 4
8 or 9 3

2018 FIFA World Cup
Q Can we rearrange, if an England match on live TV clashes with our fixture?
A Yes - the fixture can be treated as a Bank Holiday (but see rules 2c and 2h).




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